April 14, 2013

Sunday Play in the Woods

Now that ski season if officially over (you will be missed), let our hiking/biking season begin. 

Even though our spring weather has departed us for a brief bit, we still needed to get out for some fresh air and hike Colorado Gulch.

As these pictures will tell, we play the entire time we hike.
 Obviously, we had to bring our two hiking pals.  This picture makes little Jack look so much bigger than his 5 pound body. 
 We also brought along a family friend who has been in my preschool since she was 2.  She is like another sister to Mr. Will. 

 Like mother, like daughter. Or is it vice versa?
 Things are slowly starting to turn green and I can't wait for the flowers to come out!

Mr. Will:  This is my truck driver
Braden:  William is awesome.

 Ready, set, JUMP!


Daniella said...

Awesome poses! Love it! It's so cute how big and excited Jack looks!!