April 1, 2013

Headed home

For the very last stretch of our trip, we stopped at Lake Tahoe. This is a place that I have always wanted to visit. 

Our short visit only made me want to go back even more.

As much as I loved being at the ocean,  being in Lake Tahoe made me realize how much I missed the mountains and was getting excited to get back home to our nature wonderland.

 Check out these huge pine cones. We now have a few around our house!
 More crazy tricks by our boys.  

 How can I not join in on the fun? So grateful to have my boys to teach me cool things. 
That concludes our spring break trip.  

Peace out from the little Buchs!


Daniella said...

LOVED all the vacation pics! Looks like you all had a blast!! Its so funny to see all the jumps and twirls in the pics- even from you. Cute!