April 4, 2013


Elise was quite excited to learn that EB was the initials for the Easter Bunny, Elise Buchanan and Eloiza Baughan (my mom).

The Easter Bunny was very kind to the Buchanans this year.  We had three big egg hunts on Easter Sunday.

One with our little family first thing in the morning (I was too tired to take pictures).

One at church.

I spy little mouths filled with lots of candy.  No wonder they stood so still during the family photo!

Then, one big Easter feast and hunt with our friends.

All the kids lined up on the back yard ice rink.
And GO!
Once again (for the third year in a row), one of my flesh and blood found the golden egg.  Hope we still get invited to these parties!

Hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter!


Daniella said...

You guys had awesome egg hunts!! Love the picture of you all outside church!
Tell Miss E that i love the new glasses she has been sporting in these pictures! She looks adorable and so chic!!