March 11, 2013

That kid

(B, W, and E after a fun afternoon of swimming)

Last week, I was out with the stomach bug (and something else??) for 3 days. It was awful!  Yet, this isn't a post about me being sick, but about Braden (and me being sick). 

I don't remember the last time I was so sick and didn't realize how much it would affect my first born.  When B came home from school on Thursday, I was barely awake, but remember asking the kids how school was.

Braden:  It wasn't good.  Every time I saw William, I got excited to see you, but then remembered that you weren't at school. 

So sweet!

Friday morning, I woke up and was actually able to stay awake for more than 30 minutes.  Braden woke up and told me his belly hurt, so I kept him home just in case and to hopefully help me out.  He offered me water and popsicles all day long, and never got sick. 

When I told his 3rd grade teacher that he stayed home, but never got sick, she said she knew exactly why he stayed home. 

 Apparently, his very observant teacher noticed how worried Braden was about me and thought Braden wanted to stay home to make sure I was ok.

Even sweeter!  

Thanks sun!! (inside family joke)