March 31, 2013

Ready for a doozy of pictures?  These are the last remaining photos from CA...

One morning, we got up early and hiked up Torrey Pines.  Ocean + Hike= pure happiness!

 At the top of our hike, we stared out into the ocean and watched seals jumping around in the water.  Seriously! It couldn't have been a better morning.  
 My hiking pals
 A hike ( or walk) in our family entails a lot of jumping, turning, flying, kicking, etc.

 Obviously, I have to join in on the fun!

 That afternoon, we ventured back to the beach. Can't get enough of the beach.

 While at the beach, we met up with my bestest childhood friend, Kodi!  That was the best treat of our whole trip. I loved seeing her again and meeting her sweet girls.  Good friends forever!
The great thing about our hotel was our all inclusive dinner.  We enjoyed yummy food (beet salad, anyone?) outside.  A fun excuse to dress up and pretend that we were fancy. 

 Thank you San Diego for such a great trip.  I only wish you were closer to Sun Valley!