March 12, 2013

Oh, What a Night

We go to a great school that is a perfect fit for our kids, but also a great place to work.  

Every year, our school has their fun themed Spring Auction/Dinner.  This year, it was a prom them and we were supposed to dress "as we were".  

As a huge fan of high school dances, I was stoked. 

A friend rented an Escalade Limo to pick us all up at our houses and get the party started!!  .

  How cool is it to go to prom with your hubby?  Especially with big purple sleeves. 

Since it was a prom, they had to have a prom king and queen.  3 teachers were nominated last month and after some fun campaigning (the school goes all out!) and voting by parents and students, I won prom queen.  I was very shocked, but very happy to win $500 for my program.

 Such a great night with Patrick and our friends!


eloiza said...

It does sound like it was a great
party and you and Pat look so nice. Love your dress.