March 18, 2013

Last stop for snow

Saturday morning, I was reading Powder Magazine and was having a deep desire for more snow play.  After 7 years of living here, I think I have become a snow worshipper.

Since we don't have any more snow in our neighborhood, we headed up north to Galena Lodge (about 40 miles away) for Spring Break Road Trip #2.

I will admit that once we got there, everyone was grumpy (even me) and whiney and I was so close to calling it quits and taking everyone home.  

The beginning of our 3 mile snow hike.  

About 20 minutes into it, everyone's attitudes changed and it was all smiles and laughing again.  It felt so good!
We just needed some good, clean, fresh air.

 What would be a hike in the snow without some crazy tricks?
Like cartwheels down the hill.
Or rolling down the hill. 

After we fed some bellies in the lodge, the kids all exclaimed what a fun day they had.

Phew! My mommy ideas are still good ideas...for now.