February 10, 2013

Ready, set , go

Braden had his second ski race of the season and we were all excited to go and watch him.  Watching him meant climbing up part of the mountain and trying not to get hit by super fast down hill skiers.  Quite an adventure with young kids.  

We hiked up with our good friends. 
 This was our morning wake-up and warm-up.

 We made it to the top and all of our ducks are safe!
 Our super kids who deserved the hot dogs and lollipops.
Sliding down hill was the best part for these kiddos.
 We were lucky enough to watch Braden do the race twice (he is the little dude in the white helmet).
Way to go Braden. We loved cheering you on.


eloiza said...

Good job Braden! I wish I knew how to ski, so I could practice with you!

Heath {aka} Mom, Mama, Pea, or Heathdogg {that one just stuck} said...

Good job Braden! We are proud of you!!! I seem to remember doing this for your Dad and Auntie Beth back in the good old days! Maybe one of these days we can come and cheer you on!!!