February 17, 2013

Over the Rainbow

My wonderful mom is in town this weekend to play with us and to help us celebrate Mr. Will's birthday week.  How did he turn five years old?  Knowing that he is five, makes me ever so tempted to have another baby. Good thing I have a little puppy to keep my maternal side happy and Patrick sane. 

We had to show my mom our skiing playground and walk around town for a bit (shopping!)
Check out our sever lack of snow!  We have had over 40 days of nothing but sunshine....SUN Valley was a no brainer name for this cute town. 
 In the evening, Patrick and I attended the Share Your Heart Ball.  The Ball benefits Camp Rainbow Gold that is a camp for children with cancer. What a moving night!  
Thanks mom for watching the little Buchs!


eloiza said...

I had a great time with you and the family. So glad that you could go tho the ball.
Can't wait to see you and all the family again!