February 18, 2013

Growing up

Mr. Will turned five years old this past week.  I asked him over and over again what he wanted to do for his birthday party. I was thinking fun party at home with all of his friends, how about the bowling alley or taking his friends ATV riding around the neighborhood?  


He wanted to go to Boise with just his family.  


In Boise, we went to Jump Time---an indoor trampoline place. For almost two hours, we jumped, and jumped, and jumped.  Biggest smiles on our faces.  Seriously!  That place is a blast!!

Blurry pictures due to fast moving kids.  

The birthday boy with the person he admires the most---his older brother.


eloiza said...

It was a fun birthday William! Can't bleive that you are 5 now!
Miss you already!

Heath {aka} Mom, Mama, Pea, or Heathdogg {that one just stuck} said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Will!!! Glad your day was fun and special just like you! We miss you! hugs and loves from WA!

Daniella said...

Happy birthday Will! You picked a great birthday party for your big 5!!!! Love you!