February 11, 2013

A little bit of powder

Last night, the Headmaster called and declared today a Powder Day for the entire school (pre-school to 12th grade).  "School" is skiing all day. 

That is a little bit trickier when you teach 3 and 4 year olds, so we had our own version of Powder Day.  We walked a mile past the horses and through the snow to get pizza and ice cream.  It was great!
 Mr. Will with his friend Torin (for the record...he sank in the snow)

 Braden's class all met at Dollar (right next to our school).  I got more videos than pictures of him.

 Elise's class was also at Dollar.  Love this picture with the beautiful view behind the girls.

Elise and her buddy skiing in the half pipe.  Crazy! 

 Giving a ride to Mr. Will
I love Powder Day!  Three cheers for being outside all day long.


eloiza said...

What a fun day! Loved all the pictures! All 3 children are going to be such good skiers. Or they are already?