January 2, 2013


Town has been jam packed with tourists and locals enjoying the holiday season.  Quite a few celebrity sightings as well...although not by me.  

To help us get even more energized by all the sparkles around town, the kids and I headed to Sun Valley Resort--our favorite "vacation spot" in town.  

They recently opened up A La Mode, which is a delicious ice cream and hot cocoa parlor.  We have been twice and I'm already craving it again. Highly recommend the Banana Split Cocoa.  Oh my my!

 Since the quaint little shop is already full beyond capacity, we take full advantage of our beautiful sunny days and walk around the resort checking out all of the ice sculptures. (or partaking in many photo ops)

 This shaggy boy got a a hair cut in town as soon as we were done. 
 As for Jack, he was tucked away snuggly inside of my jacket.  Shhh....don't tell.