January 13, 2013

Let us eat

When we lived in Texas and were a small family of 3, Patrick was deployed to Iraq and my mission was to find us a new table. (Our other table was damaged in our 3rd Army move).  I found this cute table at one of my favorite towns...Salado, Texas.  We had quaint meals together as a small family.

 Seven years later (or sooner), our family of 5 outgrew the table and it was time for an upgrade.

We contacted Patrick's long time friend (who also lives in Sun Valley), Matt Beechinor, to make us a custom table. I found my dream table in the Pottery Barn catalogue and we tweaked it a bit to make it more "us".  
 Matt far exceed our expectations and we now have a wonderful table that fits our family, plus many more.  Wanna come over for dinner?

Now, we just have to find chairs...


eloiza said...

Congratulations! It's very pretty and yes, I am coming for dinner next month!

Daniella said...

Love the table!! Gorgeous, full of character and so sturdy for the kids! You deserve a table- cant believe you had the small cute one for so long!!