January 6, 2013

It's our season

Disclaimer...for some reason, the letter between O and Q is not working on our keyboard.  Excuse any funny s elled words.

November is reserved for Thanksgiving and snow arrival

December is reserved for CHRISTMAS and ho ing for more snow arrival.

January through March is reserved for skiing...all the time.

Bring it on!

Family ski weekend.
 Mr. Will and I riding the chair lift.  This 4 year old flys by me each and every time.  A little burst to my ego.  
 Elise and her BFF getting ready to shred it.
My boys.
Braden is too fast for me to take a icture.  

Looking forward to many more bluebird days.


Daniella said...

Yay for you for learning to ski!! Seems like a fun family activity for all of you!
LOVE that Will (who is a 4 yr old rockstar when it comes to athletics) can fly past you.