December 9, 2012

what's going on

We just chugged right through this past week.  I knew that if we got through the past week, then we will survive the rest of the month.  

Well, we survived and have some great pictures/moments out of it.  I just love December and all that it brings.  Such a warm, cozy month...unlike any other.

A hodge podge of photos...

To start off with, when we opened the Friday newspaper, there was a shot of our home.  It was a big surprise for us.  Not the greatest angle of our house, especially with our dormant garden, but there she is.  Ahhh, small town living.
We had Bingo night at school.  That meant more time with friends and the Buchanans winning three times. We felt lucky!

This is how one member of our family chose to run errands.  It fondly reminds me of when Braden was 4 years old.   I love it and hopes it last for a long time.  Check out the non-matching shoes!
Braden started ski team this week. I will miss him dearly every weekend, but am so happy that he loves it.  
 Braden made gingerbread houses at school.  You can tell that he was once again all about the candy overload.
It is so much more fun when your little brother comes in to admire your work.  They have a special relationship.
 To end our week, we started our teacher gifts.  Hopefully, after our trip to Utah next weekend (shopping!), we can finish their gifts.
Only 2 more weeks until Christmas!