December 24, 2012


The first half of Saturday was turning out to be a great day...

The boys went skiing with Patrick.  Check out those happy faces on top of Baldy!
Elise and I went Christmas shopping and had hot cocoa.  More happy faces. 
 The second half of Saturday didn't match up with the first half.  
(Elise asleep at the vet)

Elise and Mr. Will got sick with the fever/throw up combo and we said good-bye to Aiken (still very heartbroken).

Yet, Saturday is over and Christmas is upon us.
  I am determined to make this the best Christmas ever!  I have my little family with me and I have no other duties, but to be a mom. 

Merry Christmas Eve.  Make it magical.


eloiza said...

I like your attitude Suzanne! Yes, make it the best Christmas season ever! I do hope that Elise and William are feeling better today. Praying for all of you...

Daniella said...

For sure- what a tough Christmas break so far!! Glad you enjoyed part of the day before all the loss/illnesses. Hope it goes up from here!!