December 16, 2012

No words

I have spent the last two days reading everything that I can about the school shooting.  When the kids are asleep, I watch the news (thank goodness for hotel cable).  I have tried to visualize what the sweet victims went through and their heartbroken families are now going through.  I can't understand any of it. I am deeply saddened, disturbed, mama bearish, frustrated, you name it.  Not nearly as tough as those in CT are going through.

What can I do?  I can't control anyone but myself, so what can I do?  I would love to remove all guns from the face of the earth, but know that isn't realistic or the answer.

What can I do?  I need to do something.

1.  As a mom raising three children that God gave me.  He gave them to me.  I am forever lucky and grateful since this is the greatest gift He can give.  I vow to listen, listen, listen to my children for as long as I am living and let them know that i am here for them. I can demonstrate empathy, respect and kindness to them.  I can show them that our job on earth is to help one another.  I can hug my kids a little more and remind them how much I love them even more.  I can help make them feel important and special.  

2.  I am a preschool teacher.  That means that other loving parents give me their precious babies for 5 hours a day.  It is my calling to nurture them, guide them and protect them as though they were my own sweet children.  In my head,  I have done a play by play of what I would do if that insane person somehow was at our school.  I owe it to my little students and their families.  

3.  I can honor and respect those innocent lives that were cut short.  I can pray for them and their families.  I can completely ignore the killer since he is not worth my time.  I don't need to see pictures of him or hear about him, I will focus on the victims since they deserve it.  

4.  I can be grateful for all that I have, forever.