December 23, 2012

He is happy now

 10 days shy of his 12th birthday, we had to say good-bye to our beloved Aiken.  He was born while Patrick and I were on our honeymoon, and he was our first baby.  He was my constant hiking companion.  

About 11 years ago,  Patrick was in Iraq and I was home alone and really sick with strep throat.  Our dogs were never allowed on the couch (only on our bed!!), but Aiken knew that I needed some extra love.  He jumped on the couch, laid on top of me and we both asleep like that.  That was the only time he ever got on the couch.  I loved that dog.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to let him go, but after praying hard, Aiken gave me the sign that it was his time.

He is now in Heaven running and swimming and eating a big bone.  

I already miss him so much.  

(pictures below of our sweet Aiken with the kids when they were little).
'Till we meet again, Aiken.  I love you.


Daniella said...

Such a sweet, sweet dog!!!! I'm so sorry about his passing- I cannot imagine your sadness!!!
Love that 1st pic of Aiken- still cracks me up.