December 17, 2012

Getting away

Thanks to my hubby being a rock star State Farm agent, we were able to get away for a fun Utah trip.  It was the perfect pre-Christmas trip!

 The first night we were there, we boogied as fast as we could to the hotel, so we could drop off the kids with a sitter and then meet up with Patrick's State Farm pals for a yummy dinner.  Let's just say that we aren't use to traffic, so I was practically biting my nails!  My dessert made everything worth it. 

The next day we got up bright and early (thank you children) and headed to the Hogle Zoo.  Since it was snowing, it was practically our own zoo.  Dream come true. 
 Check out all of that snow. Reminded me of our college days at Gonzaga University.  

 Once our toes were frozen, we headed to the lovely home of my dear friend, Anna.   I have known Anna since Junior High, so it was a really touching treat to see her again and meet her family.  It was just like old times and my heart was happy.   Thanks for all of the yummy goodies (sorry about stealing all of your cookies!) and for the snowflake tutorial.  
 Anna being silly and me laughing at her, or with her!
 That night, we were treated to the Utah Jazz basketball game.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy watching live basketball.   So happy that I got to share that experience with my crew.
 Mr. Will was getting annoyed by all of my pictures.  



Anna M said...

It was a JOY to have you and get to know your adorable family for real. MWAH!

eloiza said...

What a fun trip Suzanne. Anna looks the same she did many years ago. Can't believe all that snow! I am glad that you had a great time.