November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

Costumes on since 6:30am.  
Halloween festivities all day long at school.
Trick or treating at night.
Priceless day!  And this comes from a person who isn't a huge fan of Halloween.

 Our little angel at breakfast.  We bedazzled the gems on her costumes.  Quite fun!
 Braden at his school Halloween party.  He has never been a huge fan of dressing up for Halloween and I just let him do his own thing.

 Mr. Will and I during the school costume parade. The preschoolers even get to go trick or treating at school.  

My ninja (who changed costumes for the night trick or treating), my robber (who turned into Evil Kneavel half way through trick or treating) and my angel (who borrowed mommy's jewelry) 
 Trick or treating in our town is very Mayberryish.  One lady handed out popcorn to all the kids so they could eat it as they walked around.  Love it!  My kids couldn't believe that as a child, I had to inspect my candy for needles or poison.  
 Patrick wins the festive award!  :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and scored lots of candy!!


Daniella said...

I love your Mayberryish Halloween and photos. Looks like another fun Halloween. Loved all the costumes, including Braden's costume changes.