November 19, 2012


For Patrick's family birthday celebration, we went to Dollar mountain. It's still not open for skiing, but as you can tell, we are a little too eager for the ski season!

Dollar is smaller than Baldy, so it was a lot easier to hike up and take more ski runs down.

 Braden trying this homemade rail (skiing on the pole).
 Patrick didn't want to ski, instead he was our cheerleader and mechanic.

Mr. Will catching some air off a jump!
Elise lugging her skis and poles back up the mountain.
 Even I tried out my ski legs.  I thought it would be better for his beginner to try out the new season with hardly anyone around.  
 We need a lot more snow, so hopefully while we are away on  Turkey Break, it will dump on Sun Valley.

Happy Thanksgiving week!


Daniella said...

Beautiful snow pictures- white and sunny! Perfect!
I do hope it snows for you and your ski buddies.