November 6, 2012

November 6

Let's see, my day started with my almost 12 year old dog running away at 6:00am.  That means that I had to go search for him twice before 7:00 am (the time the kids and I leave for school).  We didn't find him, but the police found him and picked him up hours later.  Fun times!

Then, between 1:15-1:45, all four Buchanans (myself and the 3 kids) all cried at school.  Separately and for separate reasons.  Yep, we are all connected at the heart and that just proves it.  

The bright spot of my day (I'm being serious here) was taking the kids to watch me vote.  As a family, we watched all the debates, so it was great to end the grand finale with them.
Patrick (who is out of town for the week) in case you somehow got service to see who won the election and by chance you decided to glance out my blog, we miss you!  


Daniella said...

So sorry you all had a rough time but am SO glad you are all together and connected.
With mom arriving, may the kids (and your week) get MUCH better!