November 18, 2012


For Patrick's Birthday (happy birthday, dear!), we got him BSU football tickets. The purpose was for him to take the boys, but Braden had a big sleepover that didn't involve much sleep, so Braden was worn out and at that the last minute he decided he didn't want to go.

So, Elise stepped up and went with her daddy.  Surprise, Surprise!  She actually had the best time.  Especially watching the cheerleaders and the "horsey" (the Bronco Mascot).

 Front row seats! 


eloiza said...

Happy birthday once more Pat!!! See you in 2 days. I need to know what you want for your big day!

Daniella said...

Happy birthday week Pat!!! Glad Elise could join him this year- so sweet of her. Braden must have been TIRED!!!