November 28, 2012

California wrap up

Our last full day in sunny California consisted of exploring more and and doing the beach scene with the entire family. 
 The grandparents with the the grandkids.  Thanks again Ron Ron and Bobo for such an amazing trip.  
 Team Buchanan
 Team Lamis
 Stopping to smell the roses (and all the flowers) on Balboa Island.  
 I just love watching kids play in the sand all day long.  Here we are at Balboa Island
 and then at Huntington Beach.
 Despite the chilly temperature, a few of the kids had to boogie board.  Mr. Will could have done this forever.

 You better believe that by nighttime, we had tired kids who wanted to snuggle up to Uncle Chet and watch TV.

 On our flight home, Delta Airlines kindly let our kids sit up in the cockpit (before take off) and try their hand at "flying" the plane.  The pilot was the nicest pilot ever.  

California....we will be back.  We just have to!


eloiza said...

It was a great family vacation and the best Thanksgiving ever! I LOVE our family!
Could I have copies of some of your photos?