October 17, 2012

Not just for the men

Elise has decided to start her own business.  Thanks to the book "Author's Pet Business", Elise has started her own pet business.

This weekend, she hand made 7 flyers (I didn't want to burst her motivational bubble by reminding her that we do have a copy machine) and we passed them out to our neighbors. 

So, if you have a pet and our need of her services, give her a call (or my cell phone!).


eloiza said...

This is so cute, Suzanne! I do hope that she will get some small dogs to take care of. Maybe a poodle Elise?

Daniella said...

How sweet!!! I love the idea Elise! Wish we lived closer so we could hire you...and buy Braden's awesome chair.
LOVE how artsy Elise looks here- tons of bracelets, long hair, and way cool ink! So cute!