October 14, 2012

Corn pop up in rows

It was time for us to get out of town.  Not too far and just for the day.  It is so stinkin' beautiful around here right now, so it was a hard call, but a fun call.

We went to Boise for the day, specifically to the gigantic corn maze at Linder Farms.

 Good thing we brought Braden and Patrick with us to navigate the map or the rest of us would have been lost for hours! 

 Like father/like son
 All along the way, Mr. Will and I had an inside joke about the corn hairs growing as our armpit hair.  Gross!!
 After a couple of hours, we made it out of the maze and on to riding the ponies.

Yee Haw for fall!


Daniella said...

I love that festival- looks like fun! And that super long maze?? What a blast!
I laughed at your inside joke armpit hair- too funny and I'm sure Will loved it!!!!