August 8, 2012

Vail Time

This day, we spent the entire day in Vail, playing like we were locals!  I loved Vail!!
Every night, we would go back to the hotel around 8-9pm, crash in bed and watch the olympics (Go gymnastics!!), so the boys wanted their picture in front of the Olympic bear.
Love this photo of my family.
We took the gondola to the top of the mountain.  
At the top of the mountain, they had a full on adventure park. I still don't know how they did it!

This is anxious me watching Braden do this...
They also had mini pony rides, so Elise and Mr. Will couldn't wait to do that.

 They had a slack rope course which is crazy difficult.  A new appreciation for that "sport".
 After watching big bro do it, Elise and Mr. Will had to try it.  I learned that my kids aren't too fond of fast movements at high heights.  Kind of like their mother!


 Braden and I decided to hike down the mountain instead of take the gondola down. It was a 3 mile hike, all down hill, so we figured we could make good time in less than an hour.  (take note of my poor hiking outfit---long skirt, flip flops, and a purse---this would not be good in the near future.....keep reading)
 Well, about 10 minutes into the hike, we realized that we were lost.  We quickly joined two other groups who were lost as well.  They were 30 year old sisters and an older couple who was also with State Farm.  Between the 6 of us, you would think that we could figure it out, but we couldn't.  
 We spent the next two hours trying to find our way down the mountain.  At least we were all together  and provided great company for each other.  Braden was a grand trooper and raced ahead to read several signs to try to help us.  My raw feet are still recuperating!  

Moving on....

Once happily reunited with the rest of the family (grand welcome by Elise and Mr. Will), we took to our bikes for more exploring and a seriously big ice cream cone.

 This was our every day transportation to and from the hotel.  Gorgeous bike path
 It also provided for some fun tricks!
Tomorrow:  Glenwood Springs


Daniella said...

I love all your pictures and adventures (except getting lost in typical Suzanne hiking wear)! Seems like sch a FUN trip!!! Too funny about the kids not liking the jumpy thing.
Love Will the daredevil doing tricks down the rock!!