August 6, 2012

the beginning

We are back from our 11 day road trip.  What a great trip!!  We crammed quite a bit into those 11 days. I have a lot of home and school catch up, so I will start off with just the beginning of our road trip.


After a long day of not-much-Wyoming, we made it to a small town that had an old Prison.  To stretch our legs and entertain ourselves, we signed up for the group tour.  
 Braden in the gas chamber.  Spooky!!


 After touching up on some history, we finally saw this great sign:
 Our first night in Colorado, we stopped at Janet's house (Patrick's sister) in Fort Collins.  

They have a great water park that started our vacation off on a really fun note.

 We also went to a farm to check out all the neat animals.  At this point, Braden and Baby Garret were best friends.

 We are an animal loving family, so we had to ride the horses!  

 The next night, we traveled down to Boulder, Colorado.  When we knew we wanted to move from Texas, we were considering either Boulder or Sun Valley, so it was fun to finally visit the town that might have been ours.  

 At this point of the trip, our bikes became our favorite mode of transportation.  We rode our bikes to breakfast and then to a great river to cool off in.

Tomorrow:  Our journey to Vail.