August 15, 2012


The fires all around us (but not in our valley) have been relentless. Every day our gorgeous valley is blanketed in smoke.  

It has been so bad that you can even taste the smoke. Last night, it was rather erie driving home to a smoke filled street and we could actually see ash.

I am so grateful that our town is not in danger, but I do miss our clean, mountain air and being able to see the mountains all around us!  A doctor just told my friend that being active outside right now is like smoking a pack of cigarettes.  Not exactly what I want for my kids.

Patrick, you chose a great week to be in Seattle.

Our peaceful scenery before..
 and now...


Daniella said...

Bummer!! I didn't know you guys had a fire close by. I know you are trying to enjoy your last days of summer- hope it gets better soon!

eloiza said...

Wow! I liked the first picture but the second one is a sad one. Enjoy your time outside when you can like in the mornings? It has been a tough summer in most of the country.

Becky K. said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how bad it is. It seems worse than when the fires were right on Baldy. Hopefully it clears up soon so you can get back outside! XXOO