August 12, 2012

Now and Later

14 years ago, right after college graduation, Patrick and I went on a big road trip from Washington to see my family in Arizona, back up to see his family in Oregon.

It was on this road trip that we got in engaged!

On the way, we stopped in Moab, slept in our cars and woke up to go mountain biking. Hence, this picture was born...
Such baby faces at the ripe old age of 20!  

On this recent road trip, we once again stopped in Moab.  I had grand visions of our little family mountain biking in Moab. I didn't prepare for the extremely hot temperature.  Our Idaho blood didn't adjust too well.

We mountain biked... for about 1 mile...but I will take it.

PLUS, we got to recreate this picture.
I just now realized that we are almost wearing the same clothes!! 
 Plus, I think it is time for me to get a new bike.


Daniella said...

Love this story and these CUTE pictures!! How is it that you look even prettier than in your 20's?