August 21, 2012

My chipmunk

When you ride hard like this
Sometimes you crash and end up looking like this 
(Picture does no justice to the swelling, bruising, and scrapes)

A 9 year old boy asked Braden if he had a bunch of candy in his cheek. No, my son is not a chipmunk.

You really can't blame me for giving him a milkshake for dinner since he couldn't even eat his favorite dinner.

As two grown men have told Braden....chicks dig it.


eloiza said...

Poor Braden! I do hope he will be able to sleep well tonight. Give him a kiss for us. How is the pain?

Daniella said...

Poor Braden! He is one tough chipmunk though! I can see that he already crashed and still riding in that 1st picture!
OR is it his bloggin' mommy that made him ride through the pain for a good blog picture?? Just kidding!! :-)