August 11, 2012

Down South

During the last part of our road trip, we ventured to Southern Colorado to explore Durango and Mesa Verde.  

Along the drive, I spotted my first wild bear!  He was running along in a meadow and we spotted him three times. So exciting! 

To stretch our legs, we stopped at beautiful Treasure Falls.

There were so many baby chipmunks begging for food.  So we fed them some of our nuts.   The kids could have stayed there all day long.

 I visited Mesa Verde as a little girl with my family and couldn't wait to take my kids to see these AMAZING Indian dwellings.


eloiza said...

What a great trip! Thank you for sharing your photos. Can't believe how much Elise is growing. She is going to be just like you!

Marcy said...

Your trip looks amazing! What a fun time for the kiddos!