August 10, 2012

Class 2

Once I found out how close we were to the Colorado River, I just knew that I had to take my family white water rafting. I had never done it, but had always wanted to.   I thought it would be so neat for all of us to experience it together for the first time (minus Patrick).

 During calm parts, the kids got to get in the water.  
 They also got to help steer the raft with our guide when the water is smooth.

 I didn't get any shots of us going over the rapids since I was too busy having fun....and holding on!

 It was such a fun adventure and every time the kids saw the river again, they would ask if we could go again.  This is a must-repeat adventure!
Once back at our hotel, it was back on bikes to grab dinner.
The Buchanan chicos with their trusty bikes.


Daniella said...

What a coinky dink- we also rafted the CO River on our trip (years ago). That looks like a blast! That picture of you looking off is SO model-esque. You must frame it!
I love that you guys biked everywhere- your kids are going to have such fond memories of this amazing trip!