August 7, 2012

A college goal

Two clarifications before I begin:

1.  I was wrong... today is about Breckenridge, not Vail. My apologies.
2.  The purpose of this trip was for Patrick's work.  We typically mix business with pleasure and bring the whole family along.  Keeps it real.

When in college, I read an article in Sunset Magazine about Breckenridge.  I was just dating Patrick at the time and remember tearing the article out and showing it to him. I wanted to live there.  

14 years later, I finally made it to Breckenridge.  The town didn't disappoint.  Super cute place that I really could live in.

 My kids flashing their cool signs.  

Braden found out that Breckenridge is an old mining town and they have a place where you can pan for gold.  My money driven son had to go there. 

 We panned for gold for over an hour and much to Braden's dismay, didn't find much.  

 There was a big slide that was once the slide where they slid down big rocks.  This was Mr. Will's favorite activity and he did it over and over again.  The slide looked way too scary for me!
 Showing off our small vessels of gold.

The only way to pry Braden away from the gold, was the promise of the rad bike park that we passed.  
 It never gets old for us.

 Elise and I decided to run up and down the hills for fun.  

That is the smile that proves that it was a good day!

Aren't the surrounding mountains soooo beautiful!  

Tomorrow:  Vail activities, I promise!