July 17, 2012

Sand castles

One thing I miss about living in the mountains of Idaho is the ocean. The warmish water, the fish, and playing in the sand.  

Yet, our lakes are spectacular looking even though they are on the chilly side.  

This weekend, it was mommy/kid day at Alturas Lake (50 miles from our house).  We got to spend a great day with some wonderful, kind friends. 
 The 3 boys of preschool. This will be there third year together and I still get lovey dovey inside when I hear their giddy giggles in the corner.  Many adventures are ahead for these boys.
 Thank you Shannon for the tubes!!
 The 3 girls of 1st grade.  They are growing up together and have already blossomed so much. 
 Braden has turned into my ultimate helper around the house and now at the lake.  
 The girls catching up on the latest US Magazine and American Girl Magazine.   Like mothers, like daughters.
 The 3 moms (with a little one poking up my dress!)

I can do this day over and over again!


Daniella said...

Ok, I will now stop reading your posts because I get SO jealous of your fun adventures! This lake day looks so fun and relaxing!