July 10, 2012

Once a month

We are road trip fans. If I took a different road trip every month, I would be stoked. My head is constantly thinking of different places to visit ---the hotel, the activities, the everything.  

I use to plan different moves (literally to different states), so at least this is a step in less dramatic fashion.

This past weekend, we road tripped to Utah. Patrick had to do some business there, so I jumped on the chance to make it a quick family get away.

I had been eager to try this hike and to explore Heritage Park.  Unfortunately, we were there on a Sunday, so Heritage Park was closed, but we were able to hike around the hills. 
 The boys try tricks and stunts while Elise talks the entire time.  

My kids are becoming road trips pros and are starting to plan their own adventures.  Braden googled skate parks and discovered a great one that we had to try out.  While the boys scootered, Elise and I went to the Aquarium.
 Even Patrick got into the fun!

 The next morning, after the boys wanted to scooter some more at the skateboard park, Elise and I went to a cute Farmer's Market where she got to feed a bottle to the baby lambs.  PRECIOUS!
 It was a great trip full of quality family time.  Can't wait for our next trip!


Daniella said...

Wow- what a fun trip for all of you! Thanks for the fun cousin pictures for the girls to see- they lOVE your blog as much as I do!