July 24, 2012

Musical good-byes

6 1/2 years ago, we came to Sun Valley to celebrate Christmas with Patrick's side of the family.  His cousin (Becky) and his childhood BFF (Shane)--who perfectly got married---lived here.  We lived in Texas at that time and lived an ok life.  

Upon first arriving in SV, Patrick and I were in awe of the mountains, they were all around us.  One evening, we ordered Chinese take out and didn't have to call ahead and drive there.  This was my first glance at small town living.

A few months later, at 8 months pregnant with Elise, Patrick and I decided to ditch Texas and move closer to family and to our dream town.  Who knew that we were so smart back then?

So for the past  6 1/2 years, our family has grown, as has Becky/Shane's.  It has been a true blessing to raise our babies together. Braden and Holden are super hero friends and Elise can't get enough of baby Halle.

Unfortunately, Becky and Shane are moving to California.  They have great careers going for them there and we are so proud of them for all of their achievements.  We sure are going to miss them, but now we have a GREAT excuse to go to CA.

California here they come. Take good care of this amazing family who is well loved in Idaho.
The Buchanans, the Kinmans and the Andrews (Becky's parents and Patrick's aunt/uncle) at the SV symphony.