July 20, 2012

A kid's day

 For the past 3 mornings, Elise and Will went to a farm camp (oh! the things I did while they were gone---for the first time ever!).  It was a kid's dream camp!

At farm camp, they got to ride horses bareback
 go hiking

feed the chickens and collect their eggs (Braden loved coming with me to pick-up each day)
eat wild berries
play in the Big Wood River
Just to name a few things.

As a matter of fact, both tikes are still asleep as I write this (it is 8:15am) so I think camp wore them out!


Daniella said...

Wow! That camp looks amazing!!!! I am sure they loved it. Will's hair is getting so blond- so cute with his tan little body.
So glad you got some Me time for yourself. Isn't it glorious??