June 3, 2012

Piano forte

We did it!  We completed another school year.  Summer vacation has already started with a bang! YES!

A few highlights from this weekend.

1.  Going to Braden's soccer tournament games

2.  My mom came into town

3.  The Bike Park for 3 hours

4.  Sleeping in past 6:00am

5.  Elise's very first piano recital

She was the youngest one at the recital and became EXTREMELY nervous about playing her piece in front of a crowd, so she bailed.  Yet, her WONDERFUL teacher knows Elise so well, so she took her into the hall and had Elise perform a private concert for our family.  

Priceless moment


Daniella said...

Aww, sweet Elise! I feel for her but am so glad she got to perform for you! She must have been so happy!