June 18, 2012

Father's Day Delight

For Father's Day, we headed up to the Stanley area (BEAUTIFUL!) with Grandpa Bob and Jane who were visiting us for the week.

I have a lot of pictures, but we crammed our day with a lot of activities.

We started the morning at Stanley Bakery where I entertained Elise by making her a dandelion crown.
 Then, we were off to the kite flying contest.  

 From there, we went to Redfish Lake for a little hike and a lot of exploring. 

 Our last stop was fishing.  The kids and grown-ups (minus me) caught a lot of fish.
Grandpa Bob was so patient with the kids when it came to fishing (and kiting!).

 Elise was SO excited when Mr. Will caught his first fish!

 This is proof that I was actually there.  
 Braden catching a big one while Jane helps Mr. Will catch one as well.
 Another crown for Elise!
 Such a fun and adventurous Father's Day. We all had a great day and I feel so grateful!
Happy Father's Day Patrick, Grandpa Bob and Ron Ron!!


eloiza said...

Gorgeous pictures. It does look like you had a perfect Father's Day celebration Pat! Wish I were there too.

Daniella said...

What a wonderful Father's Day!! Love the beautiful photos. And I LOVE that Elise wears dresses everywhere she goes. And the pretty crowns you made for her.