April 23, 2012

Weekend in photos

Let's see...
 First, we did the family celebration of Braden's birthday. Patrick's parents made a brief pit stop at our house and were able to join the festivities.
 Then, we rode our bikes around town and ended up at the bike park.

I was too busy chatting with others and missed getting a picture of Elise on her bike.  Camille---the green arm art is for you!

Followed by a friend hike on a gorgeous spring day.
Then the Buchanan 5 cleaned up for a dinner at a friend's house.
*Photo by our 5 year old daughter*

Well done weekend. You did not disappoint!


Daniella said...

Fun weekend! I love, love, love that shot of Will- so hilarious of little 4 yr old Will, riding a big boy bike without a shirt!

Daniella said...

By the way, yes, I am lazy and stole your blog post title for my own. :-)