April 29, 2012

Party girls

Happy birthday to my sweet yumminess of a daughter!  6 years ago, you were placed in my arms for the first time and many dreams and goals for our life together flashed before my eyes.

To celebrate Elise, we had a little party at our house and then we took everyone to the pottery studio.
 Beading necklaces (completely different parties for her than my boys).
 This group of girls is obsessed with dolphins and aquamarine.  

To the pottery store to unleash our creativity...

 As a special treat for Elise, each girl helped decorate a plate for Elise.
Happy birthday Elise!!  I love you with all my heart and soul.


eloiza said...

Happy birthday my sweet princess. It looks like you had a fun party.
I can't wait to hug you in person next month!

Daniella said...

Aww- what a sweet party! I love, love that picture of EMB in front of her cake. She looks so beautiful and happy.
Where did you get that cake??? Awesome!
Hope sweet Elise had a wonderful birthday and party!

Heath {aka} Mom, Mama, Pea, or Heathdogg {that one just stuck} said...

Sweet girl! Looks like you had a fun birthday! Bryce and Emma wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday!