April 27, 2012

All about EMB

Like I mentioned earlier, we like to overextend our birthday celebrations.  This time, we started Elise's a week early.  It's not her birthday yet, but we are ready.  

To begin with, we honored her birthday at school with a sweet celebration.
 Then......to add to her special week, the newspaper put her on the front page (sorry it's blurry).
I have a feeling that 6 is going to be a good number for her.


eloiza said...

Happy birthday my sweet princess. You look so pretyy in all the photos. Front page of the newspaper? Wow!
Enjoy your day and I'll talk to you on Sunday.

Daniella said...

Happy birthday Elise! Your cousins in Arizona were so excited to see you on the front page- wow!
6 is going to be a GREAT year!