March 8, 2012

What could have been

**A two year old Braden on the magic carpet---so cute!**

I went from someone who wasn't interested in ever skiing to someone to fell in love with skiing in just a matter of two weeks.

Why the change of heart?

I will claim my family was THE primary reason, but my competitive nature comes in at a close second. 

It's time for my confession....

In early January, Columbia Sportswear (I still kick myself as I write this) wanted me to do a photo shoot for them.  Everything was all set for the next day, until I realized what my "job" requirement was.  I knew that I was going to play wife and mom to my pretend family, but I didn't know that I was supposed to be skiing with them.  Skiing for this non-skier.  Oops!

I couldn't even fake it, so I had to back out. The shame!

I was upset at myself that my own silly inabilities caused me to lose such a cool gig.  Then I realized that my silly inabilities also made me lose out on some awesome family time.

Thus, a skier was born. 

Hope it is like riding a bike and I won't have to relearn next year!


eloiza said...

Go Suzanne, go! I am glad that you are going to be part of this activity with your family. You are going to be even better next year.