March 20, 2012

Part one of our trip

After two full days of traveling, we have arrived safe and sound at my parent's home in Prescott, Arizona.  We finally found the sun and a snowless (kind of) place to plant our feet for a copule of days.

The first day of traveling, we went to Antelope Island which is outside of Salt Lake City---such an amazing place that is truly an island with bison and antelope! I was in love with this place.

 The boys practicing their calf roping skills.
 We could have flown to Arizona, but then we would have missed such gorgeous scenery!
Day two found us changing our traveling plans due to a winter storm. 
We traveled through Vegas for a brief pit stop and were so excited to have the warm sun and a big city!

Brotherly love---Braden held Mr. Will's hand the entire time!!
Me at the Kardashian Store. Is it lame that I was excitede to see it? 
At this point of the trip, Patrick and I were fighting nasty head colds.  ahhh chooo! 
 We are HUGE animal lovers and couldn't miss the dolphin exhibit at the Mirage.  All of our hearts melted at the sea creatures.
 Check out the dolphin right behind us.  Perfect timing little dolphin!
Now, we are being spoiled by my mom and dad and loving every minute of it.


Daniella said...

Yay! What a fun fun pre-vacation! I love the pretty scenery and fun LV stops. Not sure why you love the Krazy Kardashians so much (I secretly do too). :-)
Can't wait for part 2, 3 and 4 of your trip!