March 27, 2012

Buchanan Adventures Part 2

After leaving Prescott, we ventured down to Scottsdale, Arizona to welcome the heat and to welcome the rest of our family (my sister and her family---which means my yummy nieces!)

Our first stop, after doing a little shopping, was a Diamondbacks baseball game.

Take me out to the ball game!
 The boys weren't too sure about the heat.
 Braden rounding the bases.
 Mr. Will's turn to hit a home run.
 Cousin Camille loved Braden....wonder why???

 Elise and cousin Bella
 The large gang, minus a few.
 Bobo---baseball is not her favorite, but was a trooper and still joined us.
 I loved hearing Mr. Will and cousin Camille talk to each other. She would put him in his place!
All the cousins together:  Camille- age 2, Elise-age 5, Bella- age 7, Braden - age 7, Julia- age 9, Mr. Will- age 4.


Anna M said...

cute cousins. I miss the Diamondbacks games. I don't miss being so hot in March, though. ;)

Daniella said...

I Love your pictures! Each one is the tale of an awesome trip. Thanks again for coming- Spring Break 2013 is right around the corner!