February 27, 2012

Watch out olympics!

For the past 6 years, I have been the family's skiing cheerleader. A role that I cherished and took very seriously. The family could not ski every weekend without their cheerleader....according to me.  

Yet, the kids have become great skiers and I could no longer run next to them down the hill.  Plus, I felt like the biggest dork.

I always thought that I didn't need to learn how to ski, but this weekend was my turning point.

This photo is yours truly crawling down the hill on skis!
I still look like a dork, but a very happy and proud dork who for the first time ever skied next to her kids. 

Oh the kids!  They were just as happy and proud as I was.  It was a great family moment.


eloiza said...

Good for you! Go Suzanne, go!