February 17, 2012

To sleep, perchance to dream

(Me on a boat on the Potomac in DC checking out the Washington Memorial.  Yes! I'm wearing overalls--I was pregnant with Braden and back in 2003, I thought it was cute to overalls while pregnant. We will blame it on pregnancy brain!)

For as long as I can remember, I have had the same recurring dream (with a few different details).  I seem to always remember my dreams and I credit it with being a mommy of three young kids and three wild animals who is on high alert at night .

In my dream, I'm always on a boat over some water, I'm never physically in the water.  The water seems to be pretty clear, or at least pretty to look at.  Sometimes I notice the waves, sometimes I don't.  I am typically surrounded by people and seem pretty at peace with the situation  Most importantly, I'm always aware of the water.  

That's it. It is a simple dream, but always the same dream.

Any dream experts want to chime in?  


Daniella said...

I can't comment on the dream but I will comment on the overalls. I wore them too and may never live it down! What were we thinking?? :-)