February 12, 2012

Calling All super hereos

(the after party, after skiing photo)

Somehow, Mr. Will turned 4 years old today.  It's still perfectly ok for 4 year olds to be carried by their mamas, right?

In honor of his big day, he had a big birthday party with his buddies.
Our camera is currently MIA, so thank goodness for my camera phone!  Not high quality, but it will do. Also, in typical birthday party style, we are lacking in pictures (where are Elise and Braden???). 

The fruit shark---idea found on Pinterest, carved out by Patrick.
 The centerpieces---skittles and number 4 lollipops.
 The cool cake---idea also found on Pinterest (how could I live without?)

 The Buchanan kids are always super shy during the birthday song, and so is this super hero!
 A car with 30 balloons and one happy  birthday boy.
 Mr. Will proudly showing off his new hair growing monkey named BOBO!!!!
Happy birthday sweet boy. I sure do love you with all my heart.


eloiza said...

Happy birthday William! Loved all the party decorations! I am sure you has the best time yesterday. You are getting soooo big!

Marcy said...

Did you make that cake?! Looks like fun! I was on the phone with Becky when she was on her way home & she said Holden had a blast & I could hear him in the background playing with the toys from his goodie bag!

Anna M said...

I'm with Marcy: did you say you MADE that cake? Holy! What a SUPER cool party.

Daniella said...

What a fun fun party!!! reat job on all the cute details! Will looks so happy in his pics- Im sure he had a great time.
BTW- he looks like Elise- not like a girl but her expression- in that last pic. Too cute!