January 22, 2012

What we do for fun

It finally dumped and all of us couldn't be more excited!

Our backyard sledding/snow board hill.

Following our family tradition after a snow storm, we went dog sledding around our neighborhood.  We giggled the entire time.
 This time around, the kids wanted to be the pullers.  Sure! If it helps wear them out even more.  
 Even the 3 year old joined in.  Mush! Mush!


eloiza said...

Wow! You did get lots of snow. Braden looks so tall! Have a fun day and enjoy your days with snow. None for us lately.

Anna M said...

you guys sure know how to live it up in the snow. I need to take some lessons from you. MUSH!

Daniella said...

I love that it's so fun in your own backyard. I am sure they were SO tired- especially Callie. Glad you guys got the snow you wanted!